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Our family has always loved Halloween, and with a father who teaches history at The Citadel, how could we not love history?  When the youngest child, Zachary, became chronically ill and unable to attend public school and socialize as often as he wanted, the family tried to think of some way to give him at least one day a year he could just relax and have fun with his friends. Thus began The Annual Wright Family Halloween Party/Haunted House in our home in Summerville, South Carolina. Demand and interest grew and every year the haunted house became more extensive and professional. It grew into not only the Halloween party of the year, but an annual neighborhood attraction. People and friends came from all around Summerville to enjoy a night of dressing up and getting spooked. As the years passed, we took an interest in Charleston's immense haunted history. It became Zachary's dream to open a Charleston Historically-based Haunted Attraction, to help people face their fears, to shed light on Charleston's rich Haunted past, and provide the financial ability to help other young people with chronic illnesses, like himself.  

Charleston Screams understands what it's like to have a child fall ill and that's why we will be donating a part of our Haunted House's proceeds to MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. 


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