The Wrights have always loved Halloween and with a Father who teaches history at The Citadel how could we not love history.  So when the youngest became chronically ill and was unable to go to school every day we started creating Haunted Houses for him and his friends could gather and enjoy one night of the year together.



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Peak Inside

  • Blackbeard "The Dreaded Pirate"
  • Lavinia Fisher "Famous Serial Killer"
  • Charleston's Orphan Asylum
  • The Black Constable "Hoodooman"
  • Charleston County Circus

Take a peak inside Charleston Screams and get an inside look on how we put it all together.

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Our favorite part of living in Charleston is its rich history and all the legends & haunts that go with it.  Charleston Screams will feature places & people from our own Historical Horrors of The Holy City. A few of these include:



Charleston Screams ​Haunted House, Charleston, SC

Haunted House Located in Charleston, sc

Located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina

$10 Entrance Fee

Recommended Ages 10+